It is a shift in the cultural understanding of how to do more with
less and a glimpse of the dreams and aspirations that these
unique homes represent.


The Concept

There are many reasons to build compact. Often we tend to regard a compact house as a lesser creation, an indication of some want or unfortunate set of circumstances. This in fact is not necessarily the case. A well designed and executed compact house that has been carefully thought out and built as a matter of conscious choice in the face of alternatives is neither poor nor substandard.

The major distinguishing feature of Compact Houses is an array of pre-designed and pre-costed house templates for clients. These templates exemplify richness of detail, imaginative use of space, thoughtfulness in design at every scale and a balanced use of materials and executed with a high degree of craft.

By its compact size it readily lends itself to the use of top quality high-end finishes, all achieved on a budget. It is a direct attempt at building homes that are reductive in scale but not in scope. It is a shift in the cultural understanding of how to do more with less and a glimpse of the dreams and aspirations that these unique homes represent.

As the value of real estate continues on the rise amidst static and (in some cases) diminished or diminishing income levels, unemployment and insecurity the demand for single family dwellings is on the increase as the rentals or lease rate maintains an upward trajectory, regardless of location.

Statistics have shown a 75 – 88% of the population in urban centers either rent or lease their current residences. This is predominant within the economic and financial hubs of the country.

It is becomes increasingly difficult for the average family to own a home either through new builds or an outright purchase, our value proposition suggests a new approach to owning a home and remains one of the most viable options worth considering for the owner on a budget.

→ Stages

  • Land & Location
  • Design & Layout
  • Costs & Budget
  • Construction process, milestones & Completion
  • Project Handover & Acceptance

Land & Location

The project for a build presupposes the individual has acquired a piece of land within a location of choice, and based on the use for which land in such an area has been designated for development proceed to commence construction. It is usually advised to acquire a plot or piece of land that is located on well drained topography and moderately solid soil texture consisting of a natural compaction.

Design & Layout

The design and floor plan of the build plays a crucial role in the actualization of the objectives, we recommend designs that are efficient with a strong emphasis on reduction in overall size. Tropical climatic conditions and seasonal changes are a major consideration.

Costs & Budget

These elements are probably the most crucial aspects of any build or construction project. They determine how far you can go, how you intend on getting there and how you look when you arrive.
Large layouts naturally engender bigger budgets, and vice-versa. A small budget does not necessarily portray want, a lack of resources or less quality but rather an indication of a deliberate and conscious plan. The compact home is designed to conform to budget and achieve its objectives, in essence ‘’getting more for less’’.

→ The Build Options

We are providing our clients with three (3) options for their build as follows:
  • Consulting
  • Design & Consulting
  • Design, Consulting & Build


Under this option, we provide only consultancy services directly to clients. The design and execution of the project will be by the client this is tailored to clients who wish to supervise their builds personally.

Design & Consulting

Under this option, we have dual responsibility from concept design to project costing and any aspects of consulting on the build as per clients specifications.

Design, Consulting & Build

This option involves a complete and comprehensive build. Not only do we undertake the design and materials selection, we also undertake the actual build. Our consultants will be involved on the project from design to completion.